My name is Mary Grossman, I'm 28 years old and I live and design in Israel.


Love of creation led me in my adult years to choose design, and specifically accessories design since it enabled me to combine different means: materials, subjects, target design,dimension, color etc.

This variety of means gives me the opportunity to create intricate products that express a combination between spirit and matter.


When I was 21, I was accepted to study for a bachelor's degree in jewelry design at  Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

At the end of my degree here in Israel I decided  to continue researching the design world beyond and therefore I chose to continue my studies at Creative Academy, The Richemont's Design School.

Creative Academy gave me the opportunity to get through directly from the classroom into one of the most prestigious luxury institutions worldwide, the Richemont Group.   

This amazing experience gave me the opportunity to travel across Europe, meet people, explore the world of design, learn a lot and work under international companies.


Involvement and innovation are at the heart of my work, I am developing my brand and I aspire to make my mark in this longstanding profession.